A Guide To Outdoor Table Tennis Cornilleau Equipment

best cornilleau outdoor ping pong table

Finding the right ping pong equipment for your needs is not easy. The various types of products use a lot of technical jargon to describe how they work, and the prices also vary quite greatly. Luckily, the information in this article on outdoor table tennis Cornilleau equipment may be able to help you find the right products for your needs.

Some of the equipment from this brand has been designed to be used outside. For example, the items in the Sport Outdoor series have all been designed for this purpose and should be able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players. There are several products in this series, including the Sport Outdoor 200, 300M, and the 500M.

The 200 retails at about $800, while the 300M is priced between $950 and $1000. The 500M is the most expensive and is priced at around $1200. All of these items are weather resistant and feature corrosion resistant steel. They also have a playback feature and a matte, anti-glare finish that should make it easier to play on bright days.

For people who can't afford to spend a lot of money, the Sport 100 may be worth considering. It typically retails at around $700 and features many of the qualities that demanding ping pong players require. For example, it is very durable and has a weather resistant surface. The steel should also last for quite some time and it is wheelchair friendly. The net's tension can be adjusted according to your needs.

If you are a very serious player or are planning on going pro, you may want to consider a more expensive item, like the Cornilleau Pro 510. This product usually sells for about $1400 and is sturdy enough to be installed in parks and camps. It can be bolted down, has been made with galvanized steel, and the surface meets ITTF bounce standards. Additionally, the net is constructed from steel, so it will last.

In order to protect your investment, you should consider buying a Cornilleau table tennis cover. The prices of these covers range from around $90 to $120, and they are constructed from high quality materials and coated with polyethylene, which should help protect your equipment from damage. Using a cover regularly will help prevent rusting, dirt buildup, and other types of damage.

Choosing the right outdoor table tennis Cornilleau equipment for your needs will help ensure that you have the best possible playing experience. Be sure to consider the different options before committing to a purchase and always keep your table covered when it is not in use.