The Outdoor Ping Pong Table Butterfly Is Designed To Withstand The Elements

best butterfly outdoor ping pong table

For some, table tennis is an athletic sport, for others it is a fun backyard game. In China, the game has become a very serious and competitive sport. In other countries, as well, there are camps, classes, clubs, leagues and tournaments for most any level of the game, which can be played indoors or out. The outdoor ping pong table butterfly is one example of those now designed to hold up to outdoor use and weather.

As the game has evolved, so has the equipment from the paddles and balls to the tables. There are many makes and models of paddles and balls from those for fun family games to professional. The same is true with unit models, which are now specifically designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

There are a variety of models made by Butterfly including two for outdoor use. The outdoor versions are made without wood, but instead have a synthetic laminate top resistant to weather and other forms of damage. These are built with German crafted steel frames which keeps the units light, but also study for uphold a lot of use.

Economical, but well built, is the TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway. To protect the players from interference and injury, the legs of this table are indented. Other safety features include a triangle preventing little children from climbing up between the two sections of the top, and a dual safety latch system, one for each side of the table. Each side must have the latch released to fold down. This model also has a playback feature which allows individual players to compete against the back of the board on the other side.

Similar to the TW23 is the TW24, which is built with a little thicker top and a team rollaway frame. This model has the same indented legs, playback option and safety features, but is a little stronger and holds up to more intense usage.

Either model can be left outdoors, year-round. Their synthetic laminate tops are designed for scuff and scratch resistance. Made of melamine, which has great bounce quality, the top is connected to the frame with special adhesive. This allows for changes in temperature without affecting the model and its future use.

Despite the design, Butterfly does recommend that all their models be protected with its heavy nylon designed cover. The cover may be used for an open or closed table and not only protects the top, but the framing as well. Each outdoor ping pong table butterfly comes with a three-year warranty, but with a little care should last for many more years than that.